Financial Management

Why the business end of the property management process is important to your success?

Commercial Property Accounting

The “business end” of property management is the management of the funds and transactions commercial property real estate requires.
Our Mantra and our passion is technology, and optimizing technology for clever outcomes. Monitoring of tenant Arrears, warranty from suppliers and services, fixed monthly costs, trust accounting, local council and legislation. Property accounting includes technology and software to ensure traceability, compliance and clarity for maximizing business opportunities for our clients and building performance.

Financial Management Strategies

  • Services for client accounting and income distribution
  • Ensure the invoicing of rent is diligently processed to assist tenants to pay on time
  • Ensure all additional charge to tenants are clear and invoiced at the earliest possible time
  • Rent Collection with arrears process for 5,10, 14, 30, 45 days late
  • Bank guarantees are a non negotiable item for leases, two months rent plus GST
  • Our Terms and conditions of Purchase ensure our contractors know their payment terms, typically, 45 days end-of-month.
  • Collection of outgoings are optimized where ever possible
  • Full accounting and recording keeping for monthly submission to our client
  • full reconciliation and analysis of service charges
  • Suppliers and contractors are a valued supplied chain, ensuring results and valued for money in their performance
  • Environmental and performance measurements are included in service agreements with contractors

Why Choose us

there are three main reasons why you might consider our holistic service

  • The First, is that we use software for the financials of property management which is in line with cloud based product which many companies and accountants use daily. This makes forensics checks, statements and monitoring clearer and easier for all stakeholders
  • The second, is we use qualified accountants in our processes
  • The Third is our real estate license is a respected and treasured commodity, knowing and understanding the trust accounting system and that it is monitored by the Department of Fair Trade, we are keen to ensure all legislation is adhered to at all times.

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